COROS - Chung's Partner for the Ultimate Challenge

May 24 2022

COROS - Chung's Partner for the Ultimate Challenge
COROS - Chung's Partner for the Ultimate Challenge

Wong Ho Chung recently selected COROS to be his partner on one of the most difficult UTLTRA Challenges in the world. The HK4TUC, the "Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge"

COROS has been his partner already now for many iconic races. He has relied upon COROS in races from Hong Kong to France, from the Maclehose Trail to UTMB. His COROS watch has proven itself to be a great partner with powerful features and reliable performance on all these journeys with Chung. 

Her are the highlights of Wong Ho Chung's COROS journey to date:.

HK4TUC 46Hr55Min. A new world record!
UTMB - 2021 Placed 11th
4 Deserts 2018  Grand Slam

Maclehose Trail (Hong Kong) FKT 10Hr38Min8s

The HK4TUC was his hardest yet. 

Wong Ho Chung is now a well-known trail runner in Hong Kong. His running CV includes the HK4TUC and Maclehose Trail (Hong Kong) FKT record holder, 2 times UTMB Top 10 and more. After running thousands of miles with COROS, Chung particularly appreciates the COROS watch's ultra-long battery life, reliability and light weight.

His early choice was the APEX Pro. Its an impressive watch. Kilian Jornet's choice too by the way. 

After a few months of training with COROS, he decided to take the watch to Chamonix for UTMB. The user-friendly interface of COROS provides easy access and control in any condition, no matter the weather, and they can be wild in Chamonix. Weighing only 56g the APEX Pro provides constant tracking throughout the race, ultra-long battery life and a full-length data record and navigation in just one charge. APEX Pro proved its reliability during UTMB


Chung then stepped up to the Vertix 2. He chose it for the Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon and Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge (HK4TUC).

Wong appreciated that the Vertix 2 has a bigger screen than APEX Pro making it easier to read. The larger screen helps particularly for offline map usage and COROS' map navigation software works better with the Vertix 2.

What is also unique is the All Systems + Dual Frequency GPS positioning system offer rapid response and accurate tracking. No other GPS watch on the market offers this facility. 

The biggest benefit however from the Vertix 2 is the phenomenal battery life. This battery life means for multiday challenges such as the HK4TUC they can be completed on one charge. Chung's finished HK4TUC and his Vertix 2 still had 72% battery life after 47-hour of running.